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 High Speed Washer Extraction Technology

* You will be operating Wascomat washing machines with true high-speed extraction capability.  This provides you with the ultimate laundry experience and differentiates from other laundromats and residential washers.  This technology is thriving throughout North America in such places as New York Tri-State Area, California, and Portland. Monroe Road Laundromat is pleased to offer this technology resulting in quick drying time.

* Our Wascomat high-speed washers extracts water from a laundry load with a very high G-force.  With such a high G-force your drying time will be greatly reduced!

* With such a high G-force these washers will not only remove more water from your laundry, but they will also remove more soap residue than other washers in the market.  By extracting more soap residue during the rinse and spin cycle the incident of having any soap residue "baked" into the laundry fibers when drying in high heat is greatly reduced.   By having less water in the load, drying time is reduced dramatically!  In turn, your laundry will be subjected to less damaging effects of a high heat environment, which produces wear-and-tear on garments and prevents over-drying.  Customers and babies with sensitive skin greatly benefit from less soap in the laundry as well.  You will feel and see the difference in your laundry!


Service and Amenities

Drop off Laundry

Wash, dry & fold

Commercial Accounts

Pick-up and Delivery – see commercial services tab above

Our Washers and Dryers

Number of Washers


Number of Dryers


Largest Washer Size

90 lb

Largest Dryer Size

60 lb


We Also Provide

Knowledgeable Attendants

Who are friendly and Bilingual

Big Load Washers

Turn laundry day into laundry hour.

Free Wi-Fi

Get your work and laundry done at the same time.

Comforter Cleaning

Quilts, comforters, rugs and bulky items need big washers
No items too large.

Bright, Clean & Comfortable

Would you want to do your laundry in any other environment?
If you drop something on our floor, you won’t have to rewash it.

Video Games & Pool Table

Something fun to do while your clothes wash & dry.

Air Conditioning

99F outside – no problem!
A cool place to do your laundry

Brand Name Supplies

No delays if you forget or run out of something.

Family -Sized Washers

Will accommodate a family of six or more.

High Efficiency Dryers

They won’t keep you waiting around.

Snacks, Drinks

Bilingual machines



Our Customer Pledge: We promise to do our very best to maintain a Clean, Safe and Comfortable Store

704 566 1164
8625 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC  28212
*Store is located on the same side of the street as McAlpine Creek Park and is located in the middle of McAlpine park and Captain Steve's Seafood (in the Ted's Restaurant strip mall)


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